Dongmumu Sport and Down Jacket factory was established in 2009. We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of sport jacket and Down Jacket. We have an experienced design team and strong samples development skill. We can offer Private Label service and make Private label sport jacket and Down Jacket as per your specific designs and requirement.

We can help you to build up your Own Clothing Brand!


12+ Years Production Experience

Founded in 2009, over 12 years experience in Sport Jacket manufacturer

100,000pcs / Month & 5000 m2

Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters and monthly output is over 100,000pcs

Professional Sales Team

Professional sales team with Fluent English communication skill

200 New designs / season

Excellent Design & Development Team, Launch 200 New Designs per season

GSG & AQL-2.5

More than 5 times quality insprcetion from raw material to packing, all of our products meet the Standard of SGS & AQL-2.5

One-Stop Service

We can provide a full service including sourcing new fabric & accessories, customizing designs, brand label, tags, packaging ect,

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    The Most Practical Tips for Storing Down Jackets
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    How to Make a Down Jacket Fluffy?
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