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  • We are a wholesale Sport and Down jacket manufacturer which is integrating industry and trade

    Dongmumu is a wholesale Sport and Down jacket manufacturer which is integrating industry and trade. It has a very professional sales team that can provides good pre-sales and after-sales services. Our production team has more than 12 years of experience in the production of fitness clothing.Our factory is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, one of the largest fabric markets in China , we can provide timely feedback to customers when processing customer orders. Our salespersons will record videos, take photos, provide online videos, etc. intuitively and truely Showing it to customers so that they can better understand the process of their jacket clothing manufacturing.

  • A wholesale jacket manufacturer with a MOQ of 50

    Now cross-border e-commerce is popular all over the world, the trend of overseas traditional brand owners or online celebrity brand owners is also changing to a small order and individualization. According to the development trend of Sport jacket, wholesale Jacket manufacturers have also begun to conduct low-volume order business.

    Generally speaking, our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per design, but if your jacket products are ordered in series, maybe we can also design a smaller quantity. If you want to know more details, Please contact us, we will confirm the way of cooperation according to your specific needs.

  • Dongmumu is a private label Sport/Down Jacket manufacturer

    Many Sport/Down Jacket brands need to put their own logos when ordering clothing. Our factory serves such Sport Jacket brands. No matter what kind of crafts LOGO you want, we can satisfy the requirements of the brands, Putting it on the Jacket clothes.

    Private label Sport/Down Jacket are not only on Jacket clothes. Sometimes, you also need to customize LOGO plastic bags, wash labels, hang cards, postcards, etc. We can provide these private customizations.

    Perhaps, you also want to know whether a small order of 50 pieces can be customized like that.Generally speaking, it is possible, but this requires you providing us more details before we can confirm it to you.

  • Sample policy and delivery date of wholesale Sport/Down Jacket manufacturers

    For wholesale Jacket manufacturers, we can provide samples. The samples need to be jacket according to the design of the jacket clothes brand and put their LOGO. During this process, we will confirm all the details with the brand owner before arranging sewing to ensure the quality of the samples.

    If you need to put your own LOGO, the time to make a sample of Sport jacket is usually 15 days to send it, if you don't need to put your own LOGO, it can usually be sent in a few days.

    The production time for bulk goods is generally 25-35 days after the deposit has been received and all the production details have been confirmed.

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