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What’s circular knitting machines.

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What’s circular knitting machines.

Issue Time:2021-01-12
What’s circular knitting machines.

For people practicing yoga, clothing is the most basic equipment, and wearing professional yoga clothes than ordinary clothes can more yoga movements to achieve the position, feel more relaxed. Circular knitting machines can produce the one you need.

Circular knitting machine is for producing stretchy and comfortable seamless sports wear, such as seamless leggings. Seamless sports bra, seamless sets and seamless tank top. Its appearance looks like round shape, so people give it name circular knitting. 

The upper part is consisted of many rolls of elastic yarn, it is for weaving into a complete segment. It can work 24 hours a day, and it's fully automated. Comparing with four needle six lines machines, circular knitting machine can make the product one-time molding, shortening the product processing, saving costs, improve the production efficiency and product quality.


Circular knitting machines produces high-end products to bring both comfort and convenience to customers.

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