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How to Deal with the Problem of Dyeing Yoga Clothes?

How to Deal with the Problem of Dyeing Yoga Clothes?

Issue Time:2021/05/11

When we clean the yoga set, if we accidentally use the wrong method, it may cause staining. Many people may throw away yoga clothes if they can’t handle them. The following is the specific method to deal with the problem of dyeing yoga clothes.

1. If the yoga top is dyed, prepare a basin of water, pour a little washing powder, soak the top for a period of time, then rub the dyed area vigorously, and finally brew it several times and hang it to dry.

2. If the yoga workout clothes are not separated from the dark clothes in the washing machine and cause staining, they can be washed with hydrogen peroxide, but it should be noted that do not soak the clothes with hydrogen peroxide for too long. Generally, soak for 5 minutes, otherwise, it may be possible It will cause damage to the clothes.

3. Using aged vinegar to clean the dyed parts of the yoga suit can also achieve the effect of removing the color. In addition, the aged vinegar can also remove the peculiar smell of the yoga suit.

4. Dissolve a little potassium permanganate in water and use it to clean yoga clothes, which can remove the color on the surface of the suit without causing damage. If the suit turns yellow, you can also use this method.

5. Add washing powder and detergent with a lot of anionic surfactants to warm water 1:1, soak the stained area in warm water for more than half an hour, and then scrub with your hands.

6. Wet the place where the clothes are dyed with water, and then apply edible salt to the hands and rub the clothes repeatedly to remove the dyed colors on the clothes.

7. What we should pay attention to is that if the clothes are not dried after washing, the clothes may emit a musty smell.

Because the fabric of yoga clothes is different from other clothes, we need to pay attention to many things when dealing with the problem of dyeing yoga clothes. If you want to learn more about yoga clothes after reading the above methods, you can contact us for more solutions. At the same time, we also provide professional consulting and customized services.

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