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How to Choose the Right Yoga Sports Bra?

How to Choose the Right Yoga Sports Bra?

August 3,2021
the method of choosing a suitable yoga sports bra

As a popular healthy exercise method, yoga is deeply loved by people. The amount of activity during exercise is much larger than usual. Yoga sports bras can mainly help support and stabilize the chest shape, and play a role in damping and preventing chest sagging during exercise. This article will specifically introduce the method of choosing a suitable yoga sports bra.

1. Choose a bra without rims

The existence of an underwire bra is to better fix and support the chest shape, but it is not recommended to wear an underwire bra when performing yoga exercises. First of all, the underwire bra has a large restraint on the periphery of the breast, has no ductility, and cannot change with the change of posture during exercise. If a female friend continues to wear an underwire bra during yoga exercises, it will hinder the blood circulation in the breasts and block some breast glands, which is bad for health.

However, a reasonably designed yoga bra is a non-wireless design, and the lower circumference has better ductility and elasticity. It will not restrict the chest during exercise and give breast health care.

2. Choose a yoga sports bra with good support

An ordinary bra can resist the influence of gravity, has a certain degree of support in the static state, and can help us maintain a good chest shape. But when such a bra is placed in exercise, it appears vulnerable.

Although yoga is not more intense than aerobics, fast running, and other intense exercises, its exercise intensity, body stretch, and movement range are relatively large, and it is by no means affordable by an ordinary bra.

Therefore, when female friends are practicing yoga, they must choose a sports bra with sufficient support to protect their breasts and chest shape from damage. Nylon-spandex blended fabric with good strength and elasticity, the combination of the two has an elastic upgrade, which can effectively cushion the impact of sports. In addition, its full cup design is also very helpful for the stable and solid shape of the breast, and the wrapped breast shape is also very beautiful.

3. Choose a yoga sports bra that is skin-friendly and breathable

Generally speaking, skin-friendly, moisture absorption, and breathability are the basic functions of a yoga sports bra. During exercise, clothing, and skin friction, coupled with the influence of sweat and skin secretions, it is easy to have skin problems. Therefore, choosing a low-sensitivity and soft skin-friendly fabric as a close-fitting thing can effectively avoid skin damage.

In addition, during exercise, the body's metabolism speeds up, the number of sweat increases, and a large amount of sweat accumulates in a short period of time. If the clothes cannot be absorbed and discharged in time, the skin parts that have been soaked by sweat for a long time are prone to eczema and other conditions that damage the skin's health. 

The professional sports bra lining is made of soft pure cotton with strong moisture absorption and breathability, which can quickly absorb sweat and wick moisture, and effectively care for the health of the chest skin.

The appropriate bra can help us get twice the result with half the effort when practicing yoga, and it can also promote women's breast health. So for sports bras, everyone must choose carefully. If you want to know more about yoga sports bras after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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