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6 Tips for Proper Cleaning Yoga Clothes

6 Tips for Proper Cleaning Yoga Clothes

August 31,2021
the precautions for cleaning yoga clothes

Although yoga exercises are not strenuous exercises, the stretching range of many movements is relatively large, so the exercise performance of yoga clothes is very important. If you don’t pay attention to some things in the process of cleaning yoga clothes, it will cause damage to the structure of yoga clothes and affect their sports performance. The followings are the precautions for cleaning yoga clothes.

1. The newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed off with clean water and dried before wearing. For the first cleaning, you can use only clean water instead of washing powder. There is a fixative on the yoga clothes. Washing with water can strengthen the dyeing and make the fixative more stable.

2. Be especially careful not to directly wear unwashed yoga clothes to practice high-temperature yoga. A lot of sweat will decompose the fixative in the clothes and cause the clothes to fade. Moreover, when practicing yoga, the pores are easy to open, which may cause the color from the clothes to invade the skin.

3. It is best to hand wash with cold water during daily cleaning, and the highest water temperature should not exceed 30℃. Wash and dry your yoga clothes as soon as possible after a lot of sweating. If you are using a washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag first and turn to the reverse side to wash. It is recommended to choose a gentle operation setting when washing.

4. Be sure to wash the dark and light-colored clothes separately, soak them for 1-2 minutes, and don't soak them for a long time. Do not place in a hot or humid place, do not dry and iron, do not add laundry detergent and softener containing bleaching ingredients. After cleaning, please lay it flat and dry it as soon as possible.

5. The fabrics of yoga clothes are very professional and high-end. The more high-end yoga clothes fabrics are, the less heavy fixatives (such as formaldehyde) will be used, so there will be a little fading during washing. As long as the color of the yoga clothes does not appear mottled after drying, it is normal.

6. Cotton and linen yoga clothes have good moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable to wear, and can be washed directly in the washing machine when washing. But it should be noted that do not put it in the washing machine for too long, so as to avoid the peculiar smell. Polyester yoga clothes have good elasticity, durability, and anti-wrinkle. When washing, they should be washed separately from other personal clothing according to the situation.

Linen yoga clothes have strong sweat absorption and are not close-fitting. They are suitable for people who sweat a lot. If it is soiled, it is recommended to wash it by hand with cold water when washing, and it should be noted that do not wring it out and dry it directly to avoid deformation of the clothes. Viscose yoga clothes have good elasticity, light texture, and light and comfortable wearing. When cleaning, be careful not to dry-clean, do not soak in the basin for a long time, and do not clean with bleach. After cleaning, it is best to hang it in the sun to dry quickly.

The correct cleaning of yoga clothes can also prolong their service life as much as possible. If you want to know more about yoga clothes after reading the above content, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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