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How to Make a Down Jacket Fluffy?

How to Make a Down Jacket Fluffy?

May 7,2022
Down jackets are great for keeping warm, but only if they're nice and fluffy. If the down inside a down jacket is flat, it cannot collect heat properly. How to get a fluffy down jacket after washing? Here are two ways to fluff your down jacket for you to try.

Method 1 - Use a tumble dryer to loosen the down jacket

If you have a tumble dryer, you can use it to loosen the fibers in your down jacket. You only need to put them down jacket in the tumble dryer so it has enough room to move. You must also set your tumble dryer to the lowest possible heat setting.

Then, you should remove as much water as possible. Do this by gently massaging your down jacket. Do not loop out the down jacket as this will damage the down.

Just before you turn on the tumble dryer, add some dryer balls to the washer. These balls bounce in the wash. As the dryer balls bounce around the drum, they help break up clumps of down. They also help remove more water and move down around the jacket.

Finally, check your down jacket every thirty minutes. Take the down jacket out and fluff it. Just pull the down jacket slightly to break up the clumps.

Put it back to tumble dry and repeat until the down jacket is dry. This process takes about three hours.

Method 2 - Loosen the down jacket without a dryer

No tumble dryer, no worries. You can air dry down jackets and get the same results as above.

First, squeeze out as much water as possible with your hands. Then, put the down jacket on the hanger first. You should keep your down jacket in a dry and cool place. If you hang your down jacket in a damp place, it might smell a little bad after it dries.

Every thirty minutes, fluff the jacket. Remove the down jacket from the hanger and shake, massage, and gently pull out the fibers.

Repeat every thirty minutes until the down jacket is dry. It takes about five hours to air dry a down jacket.

We hope this opinion on fluffy down jackets was helpful to you. If you need to buy down jackets, please contact us.

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