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Down Jacket Aftercare - Do's and Don'ts

Down Jacket Aftercare - Do's and Don'ts

May 20,2022
Despite recent advances in artificial insulation, down still reigns supreme when it comes to keeping warm -- almost in every way. The Achilles heel of a down jacket is how it handles getting wet and how to make it dry again. Luckily, washing and drying your down jacket will make your down jacket last longer if you follow our down dos and don'ts.

What not to do

If you can, don't get your down jacket wet -- you can always dry it successfully, but repeated wetting and drying your down jacket can reduce its thermal properties over time.

Do not wash down jackets with standard detergents -- most down jackets have a water-repellent finish on the outside to help keep the down dry. Washing with standard detergents will destroy this treatment.

Do not wring, spin, or compress wet -- squeezing wet can cause fibers to clump together, resulting in reduced thermal properties after drying.
What should do

Always keep it clean if possible -- avoiding soaking the entire jacket will pay off in the long run.

Always wash with a suitable cleaner -- they won't damage your jacket or remove its waterproof finish.

Always allow the down to drip dry and then air dry first -- this is the best way to get most of the water out of your down jacket. If the item is completely soaked (such as after washing), drip-drying it flat on a towel or level drying rack will help avoid clumping.

Always dry thoroughly -- then dry the garment until its full loft is restored.

Always agitate when tumble drying -- using a drying ball in the tumble dryer will help break up any clumps of fluff for a better return to the attic. An easy alternative to a dryer ball is to tie a tennis ball or lightweight soft shoes inside a pillowcase.

If it stops "beading" the water, be sure to recheck your jacket -- to test this, sprinkle a little water on your jacket. It should be placed on the surface like a bead, not submerged in water. If water gets in, re-protect your jacket with a product like Nikwax's TX Direct Spray-on.

Follow these simple rules and your down jacket will continue to keep you comfortable for many years to come. However, if you're not confident you can fix this yourself, there are companies that specialize in cleaning down jackets. It might cost more, but most people do it well and you'll avoid getting stuck. If you are planning to buy a new down jacket, please contact us.

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